How to Create a Free App with NO Code App Builder? Read this!

Do you have an excellent idea for an app but aren’t sure where to get started? Many different obstacles keep us from building an app from scratch. These challenges are usually related to the cost, lack of expertise and knowledge, or simply not knowing where to start. You can build an app from scratch without knowing how to code or clearing out your wallet. Why should you let the cost of design and development keep you from creating an app with great potential?

How to Build an App without Tech Skills? Read This!

Businesses of the future will rely on applications. This is much more convenient for the customers themselves when there is a business application and you can book services or buy goods online in a few clicks, with the usual interface and brand style. Doing business during a pandemic has shown entrepreneurs that business applications can not only keep afloat but also develop it. 

5 Best App Makers 2020 to Build Your Own App

Want to create your own application because you have a cool idea, but have no idea how to do it? We have prepared for you a list of the 5 best app makers (in our opinion) so that you can choose one of these platforms for yourself. You can create an application even without special knowledge.

geekApps Integration with Facebook – Manuals

New useful integration especially for you to make your business even more convenient and popular! geekApps integrated with Facebook.

5 Business Ideas 2021

Very soon 2021 will come and the business model will change dramatically. If not all businesses have gone digital yet, they will definitely go after the pandemic. Those businesses that barely survived the pandemic closed completely during the pandemic and ceased operations. But the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs does not fade even in such difficult times for all. Therefore, they are actively looking for new ideas for business. In this article, we have collected some, in our opinion, promising ideas for business in 2021. Let’s go!

Don’t Have Tech Skills to Build a Business App? Read This!

The main problem in creating a business application is the lack of technical skills! Imagine that you have to gather a whole team of specialists, from marketers to developers. These obstacles stop and the business application remains just a dream. But we have a solution for you – a free platform for creating business applications! The main benefits you will get – no coding needed, Android & iOS platform, app development services. Thanks to the geekApps platform, you can easily create your own business application from scratch! Here you will find great integrations with Stripe, PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, WIX and Instagram. As well as a whole set of features that will make your business application incredible! 

5 Reasons to Build a Shopping App

Of course, the mobile web is very important for business development and attracting attention to it, but shopping applications are just a necessity to attract. The shopping app will show you the most loyal audience of buyers. After all, if a buyer downloads your application, he definitely has a desire to buy your products, and more, he or she plans to make purchases on a regular basis. More and more buyers are turning to apps because it’s convenient, and if you create an app, your business becomes a full-fledged brand.

How to Create an App Without Coding for FREE?

Well, you have your own small or medium business and decide that you need a business application. First of all, this is a very correct decision! And once you decide to make your business application you have a lot of questions – how much does it cost, how long will the application be developed and how can I create a business application without coding? We already know the answer, but first, let’s understand why you need a business application!