geekApps Integration with WooCommerce – Tutorial

geekApps has been providing services and helping small and medium-sized businesses to grow for several years. The application builder platform has a whole set of useful features that you will definitely need to develop a business application and increase profits. At your service a convenient platform, round-the-clock support, geekAssistant, styling, geekFire, and now also integration.

What is Integration For?

We have integrated geekApps with other useful platforms for your convenience. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard of these platforms before, or even used them, and now you can use them in conjunction with geekApps to pump your business even more!

  • WooCommerce is a WordPress-based platform for creating websites for small and

medium-sized businesses. From now on you can integrate your business with WooCommerce on geekApps in just one click! This is a great opportunity to have everything in one place and grow your business using several platforms for implementation.

How to Integrate WooCommerce?

app builder platformGo to the settings section on the admin page of your application, then click “Integrations”.

geekApps is integrated with WooCommerce

You will see all the platforms with which geekApps is integrated, then click “Connect” on the WooCommerce tab. You will see the form you need to fill out.

geekApps is integrated with WooCommerce

In order to connect your WooCommerce store to geekApps, you need to place your shop page link. After you fill in the field of this form and click “Continue”, the validation process will begin. Congratulations! Your WooCommerce account is now integrated with geekApps.

Take every opportunity to develop your business, especially since geekApps gives them to you! Follow our updates and new integrations, including to ensure your business’s continuous development, tell a lot of people about it, become a brand and increase your profits!