Online Shop Manuals geekApps

It’s time to deal with one of the most essential features from geekApps – Online Shop! This feature will allow you to sell your products in a few clicks around the world. This is convenient not only for you, but also for your customers, who especially with the advent of the pandemic are accustomed to shopping online. Here you will also be helped by the integration of geekApps with PayPal! But about everything in turn.

geekApps Booking – Tutorial

Booking is one of the most popular and in-demand of our features! It is not surprising, because thanks to this feature you can simplify life not only for yourself but also for your customers. You can easily create a database of your staff, the types of services you provide and use the calendar to track the workload of your staff. But about everything in order!

geekApps Integration with WooCommerce – Tutorial

Take every opportunity to develop your business, especially since geekApps gives them to you! Follow our updates and new integrations, including to ensure your business’s continuous development, tell a lot of people about it, become a brand and increase your profits!

geekApps Integration with Wix – Tutorial

We have integrated geekApps with other useful platforms for your convenience. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard of these platforms before, or even used them, and now you can use them in conjunction with geekApps to pump your business even more!

Settings Description – Billing & Payment

On the Billing & Payment page, you can add your credit card from which you will pay for geekApps service packages, and on this page, you will be able to view the history of your payments for geekApps service packages. 

Settings Description – Menu Navigation

Here you can control the menu bar (hide tabs, edit them and choose the order) in the following categories: About, Feed, My account, Gallery, Chat, My settings, Shop, Booking, Events. This affects the order in which the user will see the pages, or not see any of them at all, and you can edit the page title, which can help the user better understand what is being said on a particular page (for example, not just “Chat”, and “Chat/Messages”).

Settings Description – Profile Settings

Next, you go to the “Profile Settings” page, where you can customize general information about yourself and your business, this will help the customer navigate your services. 

Settings Description – Accept payment

On the next Accept Payment page, you need to set up the process for accepting payment for your business. This feature is very useful because you can set up a payment system (which will be used by the customer), a payment method (cash, credit card, or both methods), and add the currency (the currency that the customer will use to pay you). This is very important not only for your convenience but also for the convenience of the customer, who can immediately find out how and in what currency he/she can pay. Now let’s deal with all the settings step by step.