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geekApps Became a Member of Microsoft for Startups Program

We are glad to announce that geekApps is a member of the Microsoft for Startups Program now! Microsoft for Startups is an international program that provides B2B startups with technical and business support to help them scale their businesses quickly. 



5 Reasons to Build a Shopping App

Of course, the mobile web is very important for business development and attracting attention to it, but shopping applications are just a necessity to attract. The shopping app will show you the most loyal audience of buyers. After all, if a buyer downloads your application, he definitely has a desire to buy your products, and more, he or she plans to make purchases on a regular basis. More and more buyers are turning to apps because it’s convenient, and if you create an app, your business becomes a full-fledged brand.

Customize Your App – App Styling

Here you can design the appearance of your application thanks to our templates in the following categories: Feed, Gallery, Online shop, Booking, Menu.

How to Create an App Without Coding for FREE?

Well, you have your own small or medium business and decide that you need a business application. First of all, this is a very correct decision! And once you decide to make your business application you have a lot of questions – how much does it cost, how long will the application be developed and how can I create a business application without coding? We already know the answer, but first, let’s understand why you need a business application!

5 Ways to Improve the Fashion Store Business

The clothing business is extremely competitive and growing rapidly, so it is highly important to improve the fashion store business. Therefore, it is very easy to be behind competitors and even lose business due to unprofitability. Similarly, market segments like menswear and womenswear continue to grow, experiencing 14 percent and 12 percent annual growth respectively. So if you are starting or want to improve your fashion business, we will tell you 5 ways to do it and increase your profits in the short term.

How to Improve Your Business During the Quarantine?

Many studies prove the damage that quarantine has already caused. Although it is unknown when the quarantine will end, entrepreneurs from all over the world will suffer and close their businesses one by one. 

Do not rush to close your small or medium business! We have prepared tips especially for you to improve your business during the quarantine.

geekApps Integration with Shopify – Tutorial

geekApps has been providing services and helping small and medium-sized businesses to grow for several years. The application builder platform has a whole set of useful features that you will definitely need to develop a business application and increase profits. At your service a convenient platform, round-the-clock support, geekAssistant, styling, geekFire, and now also integration.

5 Ways to Make it Easier to Manage a Fitness Business

Remember, thanks to technology, the world is developing rapidly. If you’re still using Excel to manage your books, there might be dozens of ways to streamline your efforts. In the following paragraphs, we’ll outline five ways that you can not only raise your fitness business to a new level but – at the same time – simplify your management strategy.